Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Extremes of Peace Corps Life

Lord knows I'll miss these goofy kids but it's time to go back home to my family in America.

   My time in Peace Corps has been very black and white. There were quite a few ups and downs. Many extremes. And paradoxes. No grey areas here!
   This has been a perfectly imperfect season where I was able to be selfish so that I can hopefully one day be selfless. I've had time to heal, grow and learn. And at sometimes, things here have been so right that they were so wrong. And vice versa.
   I either found or made structure where there was no infrastructure. The bush is a raw existence. Shit gets really real really quickly. It ain't for everybody. But I made it. I survived, and thrived. Maintained and sustained. Was able to build and develop at school, a place where I found the sane in an insane situation, and function in dysfunction.
   Even leaving Lesotho has me on the fence for many reasons. I'll miss my host family and friends here dearly, but it's time to go home to be with my loved ones in America, whom I haven't seen in two years.
  It feels sweet and sour. Bittersweet. Extreme. 

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