Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Trip to Mozambique Part 2 (The Food Edition!!!)

I've written about the tropical paradise that is Mozambique, now let's talk about her food.
Here's a sampling of what I had:
 I ate fresh breads like these cheap little buns that were sold near the craft market!

I also really liked these bean cakes. They were cheap, too. And very addictive.

I drank local fare like this 2M (McMahan) and Laurentina. I liked the Laurentina the better.

This was dinner one night: fish curry, coconut rice and fresh salad. It was divine!

This is a traditional Mozabiquan meal of matapa (finely chopped cassava leaves) and xima xima (pronouced shima shima). Xima xima is their version of maize meal. It's called papa in Lesotho.

I ate fresh fruit every morning!

Coconut rum was really refreshing!!

I fell in love with passion fruit!

And I learned about massala, a guava-like seeded fruit that the locals love.

More local fare: Feijoada with rice. Basically, beans and rice.

This Manica was my favorite beer!

This chorizo pizza was yummy!

So was this prawn curry!

This cheesecake melted my heart!

Fresh seafood. Ripe fruit. Let's just say that I ate like a queen in Mozambique!

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