Thursday, May 17, 2012

Food I've been eating lately (pic heavy)

Hey there!

Hope your week's been positive and productive, like mine:).

I used to be totally obsessed with the Food Network back in college.
I'd come home from a long day of school and work and do my homework while watching Emeril, Sandra Lee or The Neelys.
Had to stop watching those peppy and sexual (I'm looking at you Neelys!) food shows because I'd get the urge to try "recreate" what those chefs were cooking, even though my "creations" never came out like the TV versions.
I still cook because I have too and I also find it peaceful and comforting. But I don't watch the Food Network anymore.
That said, here's a sampling of what I've been inhaling food-wise lately:

Water... in a glass:

...I didn't cook this but agua is healthy for you and I like to drink mine out of a wine glass sometimes because it's classy-and I haven't been drinking wine that much lately.

Whoopie pies:

This was so good that it made me want to scream, "Whoopie!" LOL. I bought a package of about six of these from Trader Joe's. I ate half the package and gave the rest to my neighbors, who are from Pennsylvania, where the Whoopie Pie originated.

Rice and Squash:

I love summer squash and sauteed this batch from Trader Joe's. The rice was leftover from takeout, I think. I don't waste food!


Bought these two teas from Marshall's for about $2 apiece. I love tea. Any kind of tea. This is how I wind down before going to bed.


I like meals that have 20-minute cook times because I am usually ca-pooped when I get off work. You can never go wrong with tacos for dinner because they're so easy to make!

Veggie burger and kale:

I have yet to find a veggie burger that knocks the socks off my taste buds. This brand from Trader Joe's (see a theme here?) was OK. The kale was the, though.

Kale, mushrooms, garlic and onions:
I'm obsessed with kale. And I love it even more with garlic, onions and mushrooms.

Beets and orange salad:
I saw this in a magazine and wanted to try it out. It was so good. I felt running to California, climbing up an oak tree and living there after eating this.

More burritos and Miso soup:

More burritos! They can do no wrong in my kitchen! And Miso soup from my local Asian grocer.

What about you? What have you been eating and enjoying lately?

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