Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall facial cleansing/Boscia black mask

I wanted to change up my skincare routine since fall is here so I’ve switched back to the Oil Cleansing Method.
Afterward, I’ve been steaming my face with hot water:

OMG this has helped my face SO MUCH!!
My pores have shrunken, my skin’s firmer and softer. And I’ve been able to get more dirt out of my pores.
I then use Boscia’s Black Mask:

This baby is preservative and alcohol-free. I use it once a week. It cost me about $34 but it's been worth seeing my face look like this:

After this, I moisturize with my Queen Helene Cocoa Butter stick.
For $2, it sure beats the price of my precious Josie Maran solid Argan oil stick. I'll buy the latter when I run out of the cocoa butter.
So there ya go…my fall facial cleansing routine.
What’s yours?

FTC Disclosure: I previously paid for the beauty products mentioned in this post.


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