Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween mani: Candy corn Nails!!

There's no other Halloween candy I heart more than candy corn!
I love the color of it, the taste, how it melts in my mouth.
So, the silly side of me had to pay tribute to this fabulous morsel of tri-colored sugary goodness with what else but a candy corn mani!!

Here's a closer look:

Directions were simple. I first used Sally Hansen's "Mellow Yellow" as a base.
Then, painted three fourths of my nails with Ruby Kisses' "Tangerine."
Finally, I topped things off with Revlon's "White on White" and had my candy corn nails!

But wait there's more!
I loved this mani so much that I had to do it again! Here's a pic:

This time, I used Maybelline's "Sunshine" as the yellow base followed by the sexy orange that is Revlon's "Siren." (This aptly-named polish is one of my fave lacquer oranges ever!)
Again, I topped things off with Revlon's "White on White."
I like this second look better. "Siren" just pops more here.
I wore this for a few days and the little girls in my apartment complex loved it so much that they asked me to do candy corn nails for them.
OK, none of them sat still (all under 7!!!) but their nails came out so cute!!
They were excited and so was I.

Well, what do you think? And what Halloween manis have you done as of late? And
O, and Happy Halloween!!!

FTC Disclosure: I previously paid for all nail polishes mentioned in this post with my own funds.

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