Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Videos of the Day: 70s funk band Maxayn

Ever hear of Maxayn?
Yeah, me neither.
I love discovering new things, especially new music and came across this group while listening to funk music on Youtube.
Maxayn (pronounced Max Ann) was the name of a funk soul outfit that put out several albums during the 70s.
To confuse people even more (a la Sade) the lead singer of the group's name was also Maxayn, whom the group plastered on all its album covers.
The group didn't have a lot of commercial success but has a cult following among rare groove record collectors.
Count me one of them.
I've been enjoying their music for the past few weeks.
Here are several Maxayn jams I've been really loving:

Tellin You:

Gimme Shelter:

The Answer:

Doin Nothing Nothing Doin:

Bail Out:

Love is Near:

Now, all these videos are making me really practice my bass guitar because they are funky, funky!!

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