Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time for Five: Five Things I'm Feeling

Here are five things I’m really into right now:

1. Teavana Tea’s White Chai and Ayurvedic Tea: OMG this is like my fave tea of all time!! My big brother bought me this ($16!!!) for my birthday in July and I’m almost done with the tea already because I drink it just about everyday. That’s how good this stuff is! Go get you a cup.

2. Using up my pantry/fridge food items: I’ve never been a wasteful person but have found lots of pleasure in using up things before buying more of the same stuff. It’s worked on the beauty product side. And now it’s working in my kitchen. I mean, how many bags of frozen broccoli do I need? Plus, it’s been fun being creative and coming up with meals using what I have on deck.

3. Funky rings: I’ve recently been in to collecting/buying funky rings. I recently bought these two cuties from an accessory store at my local mall. My relationship with rings has been up and down like an elevator. There was a period in my teen years when I wore a ring on every single finger. It went like that for a few years or so, then I got tired of rings. Then, I fell back in love with wearing them again in college. Now, I only wear two, or one at a time on each finger, like I’ll do with these metallic rings.

4. Adventure sports: Man oh man! Whoever invented the rock climbing wall was a genius!! I’ve found a new stress burner by going to my local rock climbing gym. I’ve also enjoyed kayaking and paddle boarding. Watch out now, you might see me climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro one day. I’ve always had a little adventurous side to me.

5. My Happy Book: This book is so awesome and has definitely helped me with self-assessment. There’s something different on every page. One page will tell you to write down what excited you as a kid. The other page will tell you to go outside for a walk, come back and draw what you see. My favorite promps are the ones that ask you to write down what makes you happy. I can be a little ungrateful at times so reading what makes me happy has put a lot of things in perspective for me.

FTC Disclosure: I paid for the products with my own funds.

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