Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Healthy (and not so healthy) foods I eat (pic heavy)

I'm pretty healthy when it comes to my food...well, for the most part!
Here's a sampling of what I eat on a regular basis in pictures:

Spinach, salmon, garlic and onions:

OMG!!! I HEART garlic!! It's super healthy for you and is supposed to be a carcinogen.

Quinoa, black beans and corn:

I think I eat more quinoa, a whole grain, than anything!! It's so versatile, plus it's backed with lots of protein.

Quinoa and white beans:

Quinoa, bananas and berries in almond milk:

See what I mean about quinoa!!?? I got this recipe from my Whole Body magazine and wanted to switch things up for breakfast. It was so yummy!

Lentils, spinach, onions and garlic:

Lentils are my second fave bean, after chic peas, of course! I love lentils paired with spinach.

Avocado, carrots and olives:

OMG I love avocado! And carrots are a really good snack for me to munch on and I love olives alone or in a salad.

Corn and edamame:

Indian Chana masala (chic peas and potatoes) and brown rice:

I tried my best to replicate this recipe from my favorite local Indian restaurant, and I didn't do too bad with it!

That's what I eat most of the time, but I also indulge because I believe in the power of desert. And cupcakes:

I think I've had like every cupcake in Virginia! They're so good and make me so happy!

Snow cone:

I ate a lot of snow cones when I lived in Maryland and missed them. Why did I pull over in front of the ice cream truck the other day and order one like I was 10 years old!? The ice cream truck man just looked at me and laughed.

What about you? What do you eat a lot of? What do you indulge in?


  1. I've never tried Quinoa but you make it look so good! It sounds delicious with fruit and almond milk.. mmm!

  2. OMG it's the best!! It's so versatile. You can put it in salads, soups, wraps. You can eat it cold or warm. For breakfast or for lunch. I love it. Always keep it on hand for a quick and easy dinner.

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