Friday, August 1, 2014

The water pump is here!!! (Videos galore!)

 My school's water pump was finally finished on Wednesday of this week!!!!

   For the past two years, I've made and sold jewelry with teachers and students at our poor elementary school in this rural African village to raise funds for a much-needed water pump
   This week, we accomplished our goal!!! 
   On behalf of my school and village, I want to thank EVERYONE who made this service project a success! 
   There were many challenges, but there also were many rewards!
   Re lebohile haholoholoholo! (We are very thankful!)
   Below are Thank You videos from my students and teachers. Enjoy!! 
   And I'll be posting more about what it took to successfully implement this service project. You'll be very surprised:)
This footage shows us teachers using the pump for the first time:
Here is a video I made with my Class 5 students thanking you all for our water pump (and library):

And here's a blooper video, just because they're children:

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