Saturday, August 2, 2014

Traditional Basotho Fabric: Seshoeshoe

 I'm wearing a seshoeshoe (se-shway-shway) skirt.

   The traditional dress worn by women in Lesotho is called a seshoeshoe (se-shway-shway).
   It's also the name of the fabric used to make the dress.
   Unlike many other African fabrics, seshoeshoe is a very modest piece of cloth. I think this modesty reflects the Basotho, who are very humble and simple people. (And I think that it will translate well into my wardrobe because it's not as flashy as other prints.)
   Seshoeshoe comes in many tessellated patterns and a variety of colors. I also own pink and purple ones.
   The seshoeshoe is worn on a daily basis to cultural events and ceremonies. Some men even wear ties made out of the fabric.
   Jewelry made out the fabric is among the most popular items sold from my school's craft project. The Americans and Basotho always request custom-made seshoeshoe earrings and necklaces.

What do you think about seshoeshoe fabric? What other African fabrics do you admire?

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