Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Help Us Get a Water pump!

 One of my students is making beads out of clay from a nearby mountain for the school's craft project.

   Many of you know that one of my side activities is an income-generating craft project that I initiated with teachers and students at my school.
   We've made beads and jewelry out of candy in the village, clay from a nearby mountain, magazine paper, and the country's national fabric. Check out our Facebook page here.
   We're hoping to use profits to install a much-needed water pump for our learners, who get their water from "dams" like this: 

And this:

They also hike about a mile up a nearby mountain to get their water from the springs:

   The water pump will cost us nearly $2,000 US dollars. We've raised the required $500 through sales. But we need your help.
   Please donate to our cause by visiting this link on the Peace Corps' website. And please share it. Spread the word.
   Your donation is tax-deductible. Thank you so much!!!


  1. Seeing this post makes me realize just how blessed we are to have drinking water at our disposal and how we're able to just turn on the tap for water and to shower, etc... I will be sure to share the Peace Corp link on my twitter page.

    1. You're right, Crystal. I always marvel at that. The project's been fully funded and hopefully, we'll begin construction soon. Thanks for your support!