Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Arts and Crack, er...Crafts!

 This is my arts and craft collection, aka my crack addiction. It keeps me busy on rainy days, lazy days, heck, all days!

   There's nothing more divine for me than crafting.
   It's very meditative and helps to keep my creative juices flowing. That's why I shipped my craft collection to Lesotho a month before I started my service.
   Besides my love of manicures, here are some things I make during my spare time here:

These pencils are covered in embroidery floss:
These aren't your average pencils. I wrapped them in embroidery floss to make them look extra pretty. Use them to take any standardized test and you'll pass with fireworks. It's a Jennifer Jiggetts guarantee:)

Candy-coated cans:
OK, this is the reason why I have so many damn cavities! I save all of my candy wrappers for useless craft projects like this one because I like little pops of color around my house.

Starburst earrings:
This was an experiment gone right!

Handmade envelopes:
This is another experiment gone right. Since I make a lot of earrings, I wanted to put them in something other than matchboxes and came up with this idea after looking at the stack of magazines in my house. These envelopes are always a hit!

   So, as you can see, I love making  things and I'll create any excuse to craft!
   If I'm tapped to do Peace Corps training or if there's a volunteer birthday, I'll whip something special up like bookmarks or earrings.
   It should come as no surprise that my secondary project deals with arts and crafts.
   The fact that I've been able to make somewhat of a difference in someone's life by crafting makes me feel really good.

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