Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More musings on food!

 I bought this Guava juice from Pic n Pay, a Western-style grocery store in the capital city. It was only about 50 cents. It was good but I wasn’t sure what I was drinking. Is it Guava or peach? Or apple? Who knows?

   I never get tired of blogging about food, and eating it. Here, share these goodies with me:

-Tassenburg wine: 
OK, this is the worst wine ever but it’s what you drink when your funds and the wine selection are low. I call it “Classy Tassy.” Teeheehee.

This jewelry set was made out of Chappies, one of the most popular candies eaten here in Lesotho. This gum is the reason why I have had so many cavities during my Peace Corps service!

-My gas thank quit me meal: 
This is what you eat when your gas tank says, “I’m done!!”I have to change my tank at least every three to four months but just in case it quits on me unexpectedly, I keep fresh produce, canned tuna and crackers on hand. I always prepare for the worst, even when it comes to food.

These are like the M & Ms of Lesotho. They cost roughly 50 cents. I like to buy them and make trail mix out of them.

-Nik Naks: 
These are like the Cheese Doodles of Lesotho. I love them! Can’t get enough of them!

What do you think? What foods make you go gaga?

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