Saturday, August 16, 2014

Quirky Signs I’ve Seen Here

 Saw this while on my way to the Peace Corps office. Thought it was funny. And I love how side is spelled.

   Interesting. Weird. Quirky. I’ve seen it all on many a sign here in Lesotho. 
   Case in point:

Ass meat pies: 

I eyeballed this sign as I was eating fish and chips (not fries!) a while back. The funny thing is that it’s probably the best thing on the menu at that eatery, lol.

God Taxi sign: 
Saw this on the taxi after a stressful day that included a medical visit in the capital city. I love how Jesus “has” a phone number. No, I didn’t try to call it.

And speaking of taxis:
I'm sure the "Ass" here is short for "Association" but let's leave it as it is. Makes for a better story:)

What do you think? Which is your fave? What quirky things have you seen where you are lately?

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