Thursday, August 7, 2014

Traditional Basotho Art: Litema

The Basotho are very crafty, artsy people, especially when it comes to decorating their homes!

   Home sweet Home.
   Like many around the world, home is where the heart is.
   But in Lesotho, home is also where the art is.
   I’ve seen many beautiful  traditional Basotho huts, or rondavals.
  Women here decorate these houses, an art form called litema (dee-tem-ah), which translates to pattern in Sesotho.
  They’ll spread mud, clay and/or cow dung on their houses to form the basis for their decorations.
    They also use small stones to decorate the outside of their huts. Women use their finger prints as art tools. 
   The art of litema is one that always amazes me.
   I like that the Basotho, very creative and resourceful people, use what they have to place their stamps on their houses.

   What do you think? Which design do you like the best?

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