Monday, August 27, 2012

One-Word Beauty Reviews

Hi, hope you're well!
Here's another installation of my one-word beauty reviews:

1. Various products: Gone!
It's always a good day in the neighborhood when I finish up a product!

2. Love & toast candy apple lip balm: Sweet.
I'm a huge fan of this line and this lip balm both worked and tasted sweet!

3. Love & toast grapefruit handcreme: Fruity!

 This baby did my hands and feet justice!

4. Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm: Meh.

There's nothing special to report about this lip balm. It was just OK.

5. Sally Hansen's the Real Teal: Beach!
I've been sleeping on this polish beauty for a long time. It's the perfect summer color. Reminds me of the water.

What about you? What products are you liking or not feeling right now?

FTC Disclosure: I paid for the products with my own funds.


  1. I must be a hoarder, because it takes me forever to finish something up (except deoderant & Noxema). LOL I have so much VS, B&BW stuff, nail polish (SMH), perfume and other miscellaneous things that I have had for ages and seems like I'll never use up. I have used up some lip glosses, perfume & some lotions before though.

    I don't like balms that have a taste. My balms and glosses must be taste or smell. What's your "one" word for the Love and toast grapefruit handcreme? Love Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear -(love the brushes). That's a pretty teal.

  2. Hey Crystal. Forgive the late replies! I'm on vacay this week and chilling like an East Coast villain. I'm very cognizant of what I buy and use. I used to buy and use like ten lotions and chapsticks at one time but in order to conserve money, found it better to buy one or two of each and use all of them and not waste money!! Forgot about the love and toast. I'll update that in a sec, good catch! The word I'd use for that...fruity! lol. Sally Hansen is quality and quantity. I'd been sleeping on that color for the longest time but got a lot of use out of that color this summer.

    1. It's okay about the late least you do reply. :) Some people never reply. I really like your blog though, you're so down to earth. I've been keeping a little spending journal for about 5 months and I've realized that I buy some unnecessary stuff. In an effort to save money, I've decided if I don't "need" it I'm not buying it.

    2. Oh and I hope you've enjoyed your vacation!!! :)