Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Deborah Lippmann's On the Beach

It's summer. Beach season. And nail polish goddess/guru Deborah Lippman sure knows how to embody the ocean with On the Beach.
It's a beautiful cyan blue that went on very creamy and applied shiny. I wore it for about five days. Couldn't stop looking at my tips and toes.
Please forgive me for saying your name in vain but Lord, Jesus, this sure is a puuuuuuurdy color. Take a peek:

On the Beach reminded me of Sally Hansen's Model Behavior, which is on my middle and pinky fingers in the picture below:

I think Model Behavior is sliiiiightly darker than On the Beach. You agree?

Now back to On the Beach:

I love On the Beach. It's the perfect summer color and makes up for my recent Mermaid's Dream fiasco, the other polish in Deborah Lippmann's spring/summer 2012 collection.

As usual, this baby set me back about $15. Not common for Deborah Lippmann's polishes, but On the Beach was definitely on the money.

What do you think? What's on your tips and toes?

FTC Disclosure: I paid for this polish with my own funds.


  1. This is beautiful! I love colors like this! I don't have any DL polishes. I *almost* bought a trio on QVC or was that HSN (either way, I ended up not buying them), but the deal was fantastic. I think at the time I called myself being on a polish "no buy*. LOL But this is a beautiful color and it looks great on you!

    1. Girl. I love Deborah Lippmann. If I were making lawyer or doctor money, I'd buy ALL of her polishes, base coats and top coats!! I think she REALLY knows the nail, the cuticle. She's brilliant in my opinion. This color is just gorgeous! It lasts for long time and is just summer in a word. I think them DL deals on QVC be really good. Next time they have one, you should splurge. Deborah Lippmann is worth it.

  2. Oh and I finally counted all of my polishes last night and I have a grand total of 191 polishes. SMH! I have 4 more coming - 2 were shipped yesterday and the other 2 were shipped today! There are 6 more on my *want* list and then I'm going on a no buy for real!

    1. UM, OK, you've got me, Crystal!! Please take pictures of your collection. I wanna see bottles, swatches! You can have so much fun with that collection, girl! LOL. What colors are you expecting in the mail? And did I ask you if you had a blog??

    2. No, I don't have a blog. I used to have one but deleted it - it wasn't a nail blog though. I've been thinking of starting a new one...don't know if I want to commit to one though. LOL What do you use or where do you keep your polishes? Currently mine are housed in the 2nd drawer of my dresser. I need to find someplace practical to house my polishes. *sigh*

      The 4 that I'm expecting in the mail are 2 indie polishes by Crowstoes - "Wonder Woman" & "I Make The Path" (both are glitters, and I'm not the biggest fan of glitters at all), but they looked so unique, so on impulse - I bought them. Will probably regret it...but I hope not. LOL The other 2 are holos (oh how I LOVE holos), one is Ozotic 609 (silver holo) and the other is Picture Polish "Monroe" a wine colored holo (burgundy is my absolute favorite color) so I'm over the moon for this particular polish. I have been looking high and low for a burgundy holo not even knowing if it existed and lo and behold, I found one.

      There are 4 Zoyas that I want and 2 Cult Nails polishes that I want and then I'm on a no buy (as if I really need another polish). LOL I've been waiting for Zoya to have a promo to get the ones I want and will get the Cult Nails polishes soon.

  3. Hey Crystal! You should blog. It's your own little world. Your voice. Your thing. I schedule my posts because of my crazy, unpredictable hours. I store most of my polish in my fridge, because the coldness preserves the pigmentation. Learned that from Deborah Lippmann. I've seen lots of Picture Polish posts online lately. Might have to pick up some of them. Same with Cult Nails. She has one, Unicorn Pea, that I really like. Zoya's polishes are nice too.