Saturday, August 18, 2012

Music that's been blowing my mind!

Hi there!

Hope you're well! I wanted to share some music and singers that I've been loving lately:

"Refill" by R&B newcomer Elle Varner:

Varner's being managed by the same people that managed Lauryn Hill. She's got a nice voice and I love this song!

Anything by Cymande:

I first heard this song on a local old school radio station one recent Sunday and I was immediately hooked to this rare groove funk group. I will be looking for their stuff on vinyl if I can find it!!

Anything by Mandrill:

I read about this group from my co-worker's very well-written and informative music blog and have fallen in love with their brand of funk and jazz. Again, I'm looking out for this Panamanian-American's stuff on vinyl.

"You're All I Need" by Method Man and Mary J. Blige:

This song is a Hollyhood classic. I love just love it. That is all.

"I Say a Little Prayer" by Aretha Franklin:

Can't mess with Queen Aretha. I love this song.

What about you? What songs and singers are you loving right now?


  1. Girl I'm sitting here looking at Superstars of Seventies Soul on PBS and I am LOVING it!!! When MPT does their pledge marathon they have some of the best shows. I loved this post...i don't know the 2nd and 3rd songs but I'm going to take a listen. Def love the other 3 songs you posted. You've got good taste girlie.

  2. Hey Crystal! I had an old mama who listened to nothing but old school R&B so that's what I grew up on. The 70s is my fave musical decade, funk my fave genre. Thanks!!