Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Week in Instagram!!

Hey there!

Hope you're well and had a good week. I did. Here's mine in Instagram:

I swear, the dollar sto' and the Apple store have one thing in common: lines:
The line @ the dollar sto stay long!!

Eye nails using a black wet n wild polish called black creme and my white L.A. Girls lacquer:
Eye nails!!

A late snack of fruit, sardines, crackers and tea:
Late night snack!!

Used up beauty products:
Used up products

Trader Joe's Apple Straws snack:
Apple straws

Late birthday gift from my brother, a Maxayn record:
Maxayn record

Hanging out with the bro:
Me and the bro'

What about you? How have you been? What's made you happy?


  1. The dollar store always stays packed...doesn't matter which one i go to. Love the nails as always. Nice picture of you and your brother! I've been so busy this week, i hadn't gotten a chance to comment on my fave I'm trying to catch up now.

  2. Hey Crystal! Yes! The dollar store and the apple store!! Lines stay long, lol. Having fun with the nails as usual. My brother's so silly. We always have fun when we hang out. You're fine. I always appreciate your comments and feedback, and you reading my blog!