Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Instagram food photos!!

Hi there!

Hope you're week's going well!
Another quick hit post today courtesy of Instagram. Work's kicking my bum like Jackie Chan in an action flick.

A recent salmon dinner with edamame and corn:
Salmon dinner

This quarter water reminds me of my childhood:
Quarter water

I'm loving snacking on this caramel popcorn that I got from Marshall's:

Here's a delicious fruit tray I recently made for some friends:

What about you? What are you eating lately?


  1. Hey Jennifer!!! How are ya?

    Is Edamame like lima beans? They look like lima beans to me (I love lima beans). I remember the lil hugs from back in the day (they were good)...this new stuff is nasty. My son likes them though. LOL Love caramel popcorn. Yum! The fruit tray looks delicious. I really should jump on the instagram bandwagon.

  2. Hey Crystal! Busy around these parts. How are you?
    Edamame are soybeans and similar to lima beans but taste lighter in my opinion. I love lima beans and caramel popcorn, too. Instagram is awesome. I'm usually a conformist but once I saw the power of it and how user-friendly it is, especially with updating my blog, I got its hype.