Sunday, July 22, 2012

Food Instagram Photos

Happy Sunday!

Hope you're well.
I've been busting my bum a work lately so sorry for the lack of posts.
Here's what's I've been eating/posting on Instagram, though!

Fries and an avocado sandwich from Baker's Crust:
SammyApple wine, a birthday gift from one of my fave people:

Jasmine rice with chicken from one of my fave Thai spots:
Jasmine rice

Springrolls, green tea and salad:

Eggplant in a spicy bean sauce from my other fave Thai spot:

Julie's Ice Cream Bars (these are sooo good!!!):
Ice cream bars

What about you? What have you been eating lately? Are you enjoying your summer??


  1. I can't even say I don't like avocado because I've never had it, but it does not look good to me. LOL Perhaps one day, I'll get brave and try it. LOL Never had Thai food either, but it looks delicious. That apple wine sounds devine (hey I made a rhyme). Corny I know...LOL I love ice cream sandwiches and they look really there a difference in taste between regular ice cream and organic?

  2. Hey Crystal! I used to HATE avocado until a guy I dated suggest I eat it with a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper. I've loved it ever since. Thai food is really good. It's less oily and lighter than Chinese food, in my opinion. I love sweet wines and usually go for moscatos so the apple wine was awesome! With Julie's Ice Cream, the ice cream is made from soy, instead of milk, I believe. That's the case with most organic foods.