Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aaliyah: My first 'favorite celebrity'

My first favorite celebrity was Aaliyah.
I loved her tomboy swag and athletic dance moves.
I thought she was so pretty, and took a beauty tip from her when I read that she put Vaseline on her eyelashes because she said they conditioned them.
Her music was pretty dope, too.
I connected with her because I loved the vulnerability in her music, and how she combined the dance moves, the baggy pants and over-sized tops with femininity.
Here are some of my fave tunes by the Detroit native:

One in A Million:

Try Again:

Rock the Boat:

Are You that Somebody:

We Need a Resolution:

I miss this girl and her tunes, but thankfully she left a legacy of solid music.

Who was your first favorite celebrity? Did you like Aaliyah too?


  1. I loved her so much and was so sad when she died. She was so talented and completely gorgeous ;) Funny you should post this, I just put a bunch of her songs on my phone about a week or two ago, including Rock the Boat and One in a Million (and of course I couldn't leave out Four Page Letter.. LOVE to bump that song!) ♥

  2. How could I forget Four Page Letter!!?? Thanks for reminding me. Now I'm going to go listen to it. She'll always be a star in my eyes. So sad that her career was about to blow up at the time of her death:(

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  4. Aaliyah has always been a favorite of her music to this day. She was so beautiful and her voice matched her beauty. I remember my husband and I were on our way to dinner when I heard the news on the radio the day she heart immediately sank. A beautiful person with a beautiful gift gone much too soon.

    1. I totally agree! I'm glad VH1 did a "Behind the Music" on her. Didn't know that Timbaland was so in love with her. At least her music still lives on.