Sunday, July 8, 2012

Instagram food photos!

I'm starting to really, really like this Instagram app.
It's making uploading photos (and the blog) extremely easy, it gives my pictures personality and it's user-friendly.
That said, I've been taking lots of food pix lately:

Bhindi masala (spiced okra with tomatoes) from my favorite Indian restaurant:
Indian food

Falafel and veggie platter from the new Greek spot up the street from my place:
Falafel n veggie platter

Single girl dinner: Chic peas, spinach and hard boiled eggs:
Chic peas spinach

A coconut cupcake because I can never have just one:
Coconut cupcake

Single girl dinner: kale and mushrooms with saffron rice, black beans and tomatoes:

What have you been eating lately? And are you on Instagram, too?


  1. Girl, this looks too good! I'm going to follow you Instagram!

  2. Hey lady! I'm obsessed with Instagram! I think 90% of my posts are food-related. LOL.