Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thing's I Like to Do in Pictures

In the past two years that I've been single, I've grown to really enjoy my time alone.
It's been a blessing, a relief and a pleasure to get to know myself.
I really appreciate this time to figure out what I want for myself and also to find out what makes me tick. Taking time out for you really is underrated.
Lately, I've been enjoying different kinds of activities. By myself.
Here's a picture list of things that have been bringing me some joy!

1. Paddle boarding: This was one of the funnest things I've ever done and will be my hobby next spring and summer!

2. Hiking: I love hiking! This is a great way to stay fit and experience nature.

3. Horseback riding: I hadn't done this in ages, since I was in grade school and rode Rocky, this cute show horse. Boy, did I have fun!

Side note: I look JUST LIKE my mother in this picture. Scary.

4. Painting: I recently took a painting class and had a blast! I promise you that I painted this photo. It was so easy. I felt like Basquiat or Picasso!

5. Chocolate: O, and I love to eat chocolate. Had to post this pic because it's something I like to do:)

What about you? What do you like to do?


  1. You have so many cool hobbies.. you look totally in charge on that horse! Lol. Your painting is so pretty, such a talented lady! ;)

  2. You look like you have great fun, and I LOVE your painting! x

  3. @WitchHazel: Thanks so much! I have so much fun doing a little bit of everything! I'm going to have to take the painting class again. Too much fun!

    @Fab Fingertips: I'm trying to have as much fun as I can while I can. Thanks so much!!