Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time for Five: Things I'm Into Right Now

Here's a look at five things I'm feeling right now:

1. This picture: I recently got new glasses and a stronger prescription but doesn't it look like there's an angel in this picture? Or maybe I need to go back to my eye doctor?

2. Cooking: I recently made this dinner of salmon and onions, squash and kale, and it was one of the best I ever made!

3. Nails: I take my job as the "neighborhood nail lady" very seriously- and so do my kiddie "clients"! Lol.

4. Bright tights: I bought these tights from Payless for about a few dollars and they've been making my outfits pop!

5. Red skinny jeans: Love these red skinnies from Forever 21!

What about you? What things are you into right now?

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