Monday, September 19, 2011

Coffee on my lips? Sure, if it's Rimmel London's "Shimmering Coffee"

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a brown lipstick.
Hold on for a sec. Lemme think. Nope, no brown lippies in my past.
So I was excited to come across Rimmel London’s “Shimmering Coffee” lipstick that I recently found in Target’s clearance section.
I got it for free with a coupon. Not bad for the price. Now let’s see how this baby performed.

Here’s a swatch:

And on my lips:

This lippie is not too loud, which I like. That makes it perfect for work. Fall, too.
I found the lipstick to be moisturizing, durable and it surprisingly smells sweet.
There is subtle shimmer in the lipstick but it’s very faint, which isn’t a bad thing.
Overall, this is another decent little lippie I recently bought.
I’m defintely a tea girl but have gone “googoogaga” over Rimmel London’s “Shimmering Coffee.”

FTC Disclosure: I paid for the product with my own funds.

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