Monday, September 5, 2011

I’m madly in love with red, matte-lips

Call me "Tardy for the Party" but I’m just now appreciating matte red lips.
There’s something so powerful, sexy and fierce about them.
The look says a lot without saying a lot.
It's bold. Scary. Daring.
I love a cherry-painted kisser with minimal make-up, black eye-liner and mascara, and a touch of blush.
Usually, I wear red lipstick when going out to the movies or dinner.
I’m too scared to wear it to work. I ain't ready yet.
I own three tubes of red lipstick in my beauty arsenal: Buxom's "Barcelona," Sally Hansen's "Golden Berry," and NYX's "A Tribute to Marilyn."
Now let's take a look at these scarlet lippies in action on my lips!

First up, we have Buxom's Big & Healthy "Barcelona" lipstick:

Next is Sally Hansen's "Golden Berry" lipstick:

And last but not least, "Tribute to Marilyn" from NYX:

My fave is Buxom's "Barcelona." I wear this lippie the most and I think this red is more complimentary against my brown skin than the others. Plus, it has a cute little sharpener hidden at the end-cap of the lipstick tube.

Are you a fan of the red, matte lip too? What’s your fave red lipstick?

FTC Disclosure: I previously paid for all products in this post with my own funds.


  1. Golden Berry looks really pretty and unique! Love it ;)

  2. Yeah, it's definitely different kind of red. Thanks!!