Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Making Beauty Products with Bella Terra Pigments

Ever get annoyed when you see the people at the kiosks in the mall attempting to sell you all kinds of hair and skin products?
Well, I fell for their sales attempt recently while walking towards the Bella Terra mineral cosmetics kiosk.
This company sells 60 shades of mineral pigments that can be used as eye shadow, eye liner, lip color, body shimmer, mascara, hair streaks and nail polish.
They had me at nail polish.
The sales lady told me that all I had to do was add clear nail polish to their mineral pigments and I have my very own lacquer.
I ended up buying the glittery "Crystal Ball" and the shimmery "Red Hot" for $20.
Although I bought the pigments to make nail polish, I wanted to try them in other ways too.
But first, here are swatches of "Crystal Ball" and "Red Hot":

Here are the pigments as eye shadow:

Not a fan of the eye shadow look.

I used Wet n wild's clear gloss... make lip gloss out of the pigments:

Not a fan of "Crystal Ball" as a lip gloss...
...But "Red Hot" gets brownie points for being cute on the kisser:

And finally, here are the pigments as nail polish:

I thought "Crystal Gloss" would have more of a "holo" effect on the nail, but it didn't.

I loved "Red Hot" so much that I decided to paint it over all my nails:

Now this is a color I love on my tips and toes!

"Crystal Ball" let me down in more ways than one, but I can totally live with "Red Hot."
Have you used Bella Terra products before?? If so, what was your experience?

FTC Disclosure: I was not compensated by Bella Terra for this review. I paid for the product with my own funds.


  1. That's a shame because Crystal Ball looks so spectacular in the pot.

  2. I know! I was so pissed because I paid $10 for that pigment pot. I had considered exchanging it but figured I could just rub the pigments all over my body when I wanted some sparkle.

    1. Thank you for your review. Really appreciated seeing something positive said about Bella Terra Cosmetics, as I've been a bit unsure in the past, but now I THINK I'M CONVERTED!
      ♥♥ Take care!