Sunday, June 26, 2011

I won a Blog Award from Touching Faces with Beauty and Glamour!

The lovely Ms. Viva Glam of Touching Faces with Beauty and Glamour awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award!
Yay and thanks girlie!!
This is my first blog award and I'm so excited!!!
I appreciate the support especially from someone like Ms. Viva Glam.
She does the most awesomest FOTDs and has a really good sense of humor.
Please follow her blog when you get a moment, you will learn a lot!!

Now, it's my turn to tag some blogs and here are zee rules:

1. Link back to the person who passed you the award
2. Share 7 random things about yourself
3. Award 10 blogs
4. Drop them a note and tell them about it

Seven random things about me:

1. I'm adopted and found both my birth parents.
2. Slugs have always scared me because they're yucky and slimy and gross. Don't judge.
3. I've interviewed several celebs as a journalist but my fave stories are the ones about normal people.
4. If I got a job opportunity in India, I'd take it in a New York minute.
5. I could eat quinoa and cupcakes everyday for the rest of my life and be happy.
6. I have the attention span of a 5th grader.
7. Eleven has always been my favorite number.

I Tag:

1. My Guide to a Girl's World
2. Project Danielle
3. WitchHazel's BlogSpot
4. I Feel Pretty
5. Shana Janelle
6. Silver Lips Beauty
7. Laquer Lover
8. Retrodiva's Beauty Bar
9. The It Color
10. Diary of a Style Addict


  1. Thanks for the shot out!

    I'm intrigued about your 7 facts. You really could write a BIO, especially about #1 and #3 and #4. I would love to interview people like you do :)

  2. A well deserved award for you, congrats! Just wanted to pop in and say thanks again - I'm in the process of reposting now! ;)