Friday, June 24, 2011

If you could be a bottle of nail polish, what color would you be?

This is Revlon's "Ocean," I believe, but a beautiful teal, nonetheless.

If I could be any nail polish color, I’d definitely be a teal.
It’s only natural since the shimmery “Teal We Meet Again” from Sephora by OPI is my favorite nail lacquer of all time.
But there are other reasons why I’d be a teal, which is a blue-green hue.
First, I can’t figure the color out.
Is it blue? Is it green? Who knows, but I like the mystery of no knowing exactly what it is.
Plus, I confuse teal with turquoise all the time.
Next, I like what blues and greens represent.
When I think about those colors, blue represents peace and green represents nature.
Sounds corny but these two things that represent me.
Finally, I’d be a boring pink or purple nail polish color.
Sure, they’re pretty hues, but they’re also so predictable, which can be boring.
So, I’d totally be a teal nail polish color, at least in my mind I would be.
Now, I have to figure out what I'd name my bottle of polish!!
What about you? What color polish would you be?


  1. What an awesome thought. I honestly don't know WHAT I would be but I know that I would lean towards the blues/greens or purples... that seems to be the theme in my nail polish collection.

  2. It's some random thought that came across my mind while I was painting my nails one night. I think everyone has a theme and that sounds like it would make for a pretty polish.