Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NOTD: "Teal We Meet Again"

Excuse me for a second while I glance at my beautiful nails.
You see these babies?

Yeah, I think they're hot too.
Sorry for the ego and all but this hue is just some kind of special and having a serious affect (or effect?) on me.
I had been fawning over Sephora by OPI's "Teal We Meet Again" for a few months now.
The color, a shimmery teal, was originally a part of Sephora's "Havana Nights collection.
That collection featured some real beauties, but "Teal We Meet Again" really stood out to me.
Every time I'd go in Sephora, I'd swatch it, put it in my basket, then put it back on the shelf.
I just couldn't bring myself to pay $9 for a bottle of nail polish.
I'm cheap.
But after like two or three months of admiring this polish, I just got tired of swatching it so I bought it during my last Sephora visit.
Glad I did.
This polish is a beauty of a color that I think really belongs in a fall collection because of its gemlike quality.
It looks sooooo good on me; compliments my skin tone and everything.
I think I'm in lurve.
And I think I've found my favorite nail polish color of all time.

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