Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Taj Mahal

Me, Poh Si and Mayank went to the Taj Mahal in Agra on Saturday.
It was a three-hour train ride from New Delhi.
What a beauty it was.
It's massive and marvelous and gorgeous and grand.
A very breathtaking sight in person.
The inside has colorful flower inlays and intricate details.
It has very tall marble ceilings and floors. What a wonder.
The ironic thing was that I ended up being the attraction later on in the day.
The Indians have been staring at me since my arrival but it got funnier at the Taj. Children waved at me. They smiled and pointed too. People wanted me to take photos with their babies! I felt like Obama must've felt during his campaign stops. LOL.
The attention was kind of annoying at first but I've got to admit, it felt very flattering in the end. After all, children are innocent (and cute).
Mayank says the attention stems from my locs and features. I look "African" and they've never seen anyone like me in real life before, he said.
Makes sense.
The Indians did ask me if I was "Aprican."
I told them I was African American. They kept staring. And smiling.
I just laughed and smiled and waved and held their children.
We laughed at that scene all night.
Good times:)

These little girls kept looking at my locs, lol.

Jiggetts loves the children, lol.

Me getting my Obama on by waving to this cute baby.

Holding this adorable baby.

Me and Poh inside the Taj.

Poh and Mayank in front of the Taj.

These kids were so adorable.

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