Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So Much for "Shop My Own Stuff" Month:(

Last week, I wrote that September will be called "Shop My Own Stuff" month.
Well, I fudged.
Yesterday, I bought several beauty items that were on clearance from Marshall's.
(That place truly is the devil; they ALWAYS have a good deal in there.)
Here's what I got:

-One jar of Giovanni body butter in Grapefruit Sky for $5. (I own this in the shower gel and like their products.)

-One jar of Smoothing Touch Sweet Blossom body butter for $4.

-One Lancome eyeshadow in Brown Mist Shimmer for $1.

-One Hard Candy eyeshadow in Sour Apple for $1.

I really didn't need the shadows, but they were Lancome and Hard Candy eyeshadow for $1!!!!!! I would've been stupid to leave them.
And the $4 creams were warranted only because my skin gets super dry during the fall and winter months.
Plus, I didn't have any body creams on hand.
I knew this "Shop My Own Stuff" month would be hard for me to do.
Guess I'll have to give it a try sometime early next year.

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