Monday, August 1, 2011

One hairdo, three looks

I recently got my hair done for my birthday and originally asked for crinkles.
Then I wanted a bun.
I couldn’t make up my mind, but I knew I wanted something different.
So after washing, coloring and twisting my locs, my loctician Michelle styled my hair in a cute bun!!

Here are pics of what my bun looked like:

I got lots of compliments on the bun and never felt so regal!
The bun lasted for about two weeks so I took out half of the braids and left part of my hair cornrowed:

Here's what that style looked like:

After about a week or so, I took the pony tail down and finally got my crinkles!

Here's a pic:

I love my locs and how versatile they are!!!


  1. Really cute! You definitely got your wear out of that 'do. I love the crinkle look the best, it looks so nice on you!

  2. Loving your hair, the bun is so elegant!

  3. Oh my freaking goodness!!!! Have I not seen you in that long that your locks have gotten longer than my hair!? They are soooo long!