Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Trip to India

Hi all.
I'm back on American soil.
My trip to India was one of the most fulfilling journeys I've ever taken.
I'll make my sentiments short because jet lag is kicking my bum:(
But the poverty will always stick with me.
I've never seen dirty children beg the way those kids did. It was disheartening.
Makes you truly appreciate your blessings. Cliche, I know, but very true.
But the food was to die for. I think samosas, a dough filled with veggies and potatoes, were my fave.
And I learned that there is no pure Indian curry. It's just a mixture of a whole bunch of various spices.
And I learned that chai tea is actually Masala tea.
I enjoyed going to the Taj Mahal and the mosque in Old Delhi.
I also loved going to Lohdi Gardens, which felt like heaven on earth. It was a very peaceful, quiet spot.
I've uploaded photos onto my Facebook page. Check them out here:
I also plan to write about this trip for my job so be on the lookout...

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