Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meal Of The Day: Veggies and Duck Plum Sauce

Vegetables and mushrooms in duck plum sauce...yummo! (c) Rachael Ray

I'm officially a vegetarian.
Let me tweak that and say a 'Lacto ovo' vegetarian, since I'm still eating dairy products but no animal flesh (except fish from time to time).
I've always been a healthy eater and have consumed little meat in recent years, which made my decision to go vegetarian a pretty easy one.
Recently, I've been pouring through cookbooks and scouring foodie Web sites looking for veggie-friendly meals.
I've also been creative in my own kitchen.
Last weekend, I sauteed some mushroom caps, zucchini, onions, garilc and peppers in some olive oil for several minutes.
Then I added some duck plum sauce that a dear friend and fellow vegetarian told me to try.

I had the veggies and mushroom over a bed of rice and it turned out pretty good:)
The next day, I had the veggies over a bed of couscous and that was lovely too.

Sidenote 1: I've been sleeping on mushrooms!! I don't ever remember them tasting so good.
Sidenote 2: Duck plum sauce over veggies eaten by a "Lacto ovo vegetarian?" Oh, the irony, lol.
The ingredients, some of which I already had in my freezer and fridge, costed under $5 because I got them from "day old" section of the supermarket.
And it took about 20 minutes to make the dish.
Overall, the veggie-friendly meal was good and inexpensive, two things I have no problem toasting to.

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