Monday, October 12, 2009

Music Moment: Free Vinyl

Last week I went to a yard sale and thought I'd buy a few records.
I picked up several R&B hits such as Diana Ross and Chuck Berry at $0.45 each.
But the homeowner ended up giving me his ENTIRE collection for free.
Yes, you read that right: ENTIRE COLLECTION FOR FREE.
And I'm talking over 80 records of all kinds of stuff.
Dolly Parton.
The Supremes.
Nat King Cole.
Ray Charles.
All. Kinds. Of. Stuff!
Stuff I have never even heard of.
And all of it for FREE!!!
I later gave the guy a thank you note because I really appreciated his kindness.
Since last week, I've been having fun listening to the new tunes.
Among my faves so far are Jose Feliciano and Mountain Twin Peaks.
I spent some of Sunday listening to the stack and am smitten.
I have so much more to listen to and so much more to learn.
The musical gods sure have been good to me:)

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