Saturday, June 14, 2014

You're a Peace Corps Volunteer if (Part 5)

Jillian Michaels who?!?!?!You're a Peace Corps Volunteer (especially in Lesotho!!!) if climbing these beautiful mountains is your workout.

Here's another installation of "You're a Peace Corps Volunteer if..."
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1....If the hardest part of vacation is returning to site.
2....If you don't like to empty your pee bucket when other people are around.
3....If you don't consciously exercise because you unconsciously exercise by pumping water and/or climbing mountains or hills to get into village.
4....If you've spent most of your service waiting on one thing or another.
5....If you have absolutely no shame talking about your poop, especially in front of other volunteers.
6....If you have no problem wearing the same clothes over and over again.
7....If you don't tell your family in America every single thing that happens to you. They worry too much.
8....If you've pooped your pants. 
9....If the first thing you do during vacation is take a shower.
10....If you think ice and water pressure are the best things since sliced bread.

Have any more? Feel free to add on or comment in the comment section!

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