Saturday, May 31, 2014

You're a Peace Corps Volunteer if (Part 4)

In the Peace Corps world, it's totally OK to eat food out of the pot. Go ahead and judge. Most of us don't have running water.

Here's Part 4 of my "You're a Peace Corps Volunteer if..." series: 

1....If you've ever cursed out a taxi driver or a conductor for whatever reason.
2....If you lose track of time and days during school break.
3....If you give up on sweeping during the windy season.
4....If you don't like to empty your pee bucket when other people are around.
5....If you have no choice but to empty your pee bucket when others are around.
6....If your heart drops when you're tap is locked or there's no water in your borehole.
7....If it's ever taken you more than 10 minutes to close your medical kit.
8....If you depend on your host siblings and other children in the village more than you depend on your host family and other adults in the village.
9....If you eat food out of the pot you just cooked it in.
10....If someone (namely, a volunteer who lives in Mafeteng whose name I won't name) is always offering you a cat. I'm looking at you, Jesse:)

Read parts Parts 1, 2 and 3 here.

Your thoughts? What would add?

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