Saturday, January 25, 2014

You're a Peace Corps Volunteer if (Part 3)

You're a Peace Corps Volunteer if you get strange looks when you tell Basotho you want to wait to have children. My host brothers are cute and all but I can wait to get married and have children, ya dig? 

   You thought I was going to stop, eh?
   Not with the "You Know You're a Peace Corps Volunteer if series." If you missed Parts 1 and 2, read them here and here.
   Something's always happening and I'm always adding to my list.
   Here's Part 3:

1....If you cut your grocery bill in half in order to save for vacation.
2....If you eat nothing but Ramen or eggs for months to help save for said vacation. Who needs  to eat fruit and veggies when you're trying to go to Cape Town? Or Swaziland.
3....If you've ever been awaken from a good, deep sleep by a creepy crawler of any type.
4....If your host mother gets way too excited when you ask her to help you make papa. Or meroho.
5....If your host mother gets happy if she thinks you're dating someone.
6....If your host mother gets a little too excited when she knows you're dating someone.
7....If your host mother gets sad when you tell her that you want to wait (until you're like, 40) to get married and have children.
8....If you've ever wanted to grow a hearty garden but was just too lazy to put in the work.
9....If you've ever had a baby placed on your lap while riding on public transport.
10....If you've secretly cursed the weather gods during the rainy season because you couldn't charge your solars.

   Your thoughts? Any more to add on?

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