Saturday, June 21, 2014

More on eating here and my fave meals

  The cuisine of a Peace Corps Volunteer usually consists of three main delicacies: Ramen, hard-boiled eggs and the classic, peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
   But eating like royalty can be a major snooze fest. So I had to switch things up a bit.
   Here are some of my fave meals:

 Chic pea pasta:

I made this for my birthday last year and it was an awesome, easy, peasy dish. Pun intended.

 Dinner: Lentil burgers topped with beet root and carrots:)

Lentils are my second fave bean after chic peas and this meal was yummy. 

Papa and tomato gravy and eggs:
 To my host mother's delight, I've learned how to cook the Basotho staple dish, papa. I love it with tomato gravy.

Fresh veggie soup and bread:

I obsess over soup in the wintertime because it's simple to make and hearty.

Dinner: Curried mushrooms over brown rice:

I used to hate mushrooms but came to appreciate them in my mid-20s. This dish was so good!

   As you can see, I eat pretty well here.
   Not having a fridge severely impacts what I buy, cook and store, though. I keep lots of dry goods like pasta, beans and rice on hand. Once cooked, they can keep for a night or two.
    I also keep potatoes, onions, tomatoes, eggs and carrots on hand for soups, gravies and other easy meals.
   The weather impacts my eating. Food like bread, butter and cheese spoil faster in the summertime. Naturally, they keep longer in the wintertime.
   My breakfast is usually cereal or oatmeal, and I eat lunch at school.
   I also use spices like basil, Italian seasoning and cumin that friends sent in care packages to spice up my meals.
   Only the best when you eat like royalty, right?

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