Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oh Electricity, How I Miss Thee

  I try to get all of my chores done before sunset. Since I do not have electricity, I depend on the sun for visibility.

   Dear electricity,

   I need to confess: I've cheated on you. 
   Feel bad for it but I have needs, baby. 
   There’s no electricity in my village so I had to see other light sources like solar charger, paraffin lamp, portable bulb and head lamp.
   Feel like I've settled because they just don’t measure up to you. Quite frankly, they’re not as bright as you were.
   Bottom line is I miss you, boo. I miss the way you illuminated my living room with the flick of a switch.    Miss the way you didn't need batteries to operate. The way you didn't need to be struck with a match to work. Electricity dear, you were so effortless.
   I miss you just as much as I miss my family. Miss you more than the bean burrito at Chipotle’s. More than the nail polish display at Sephora.
   Electricity, I need you now more than you’ll ever know.
   Baby, come to me. You light up my life.

   Forever your love,


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