Saturday, May 3, 2014

My favorite places and spaces here

 One of my favorite places in Lesotho is this bakery in town that sells cupcakes. They sell CUPCAKES!!!! Yaaaaaaaassssssss!

   In order for me to feel comfortable anywhere, I have to carve out little places and spaces to call my own.
   In America, those places were the beach, Sephora and the local cupcake spot.
   There are many spots here that I love, too.
   Check them out:

The Leribe Craft Centre:
I don't get here that often but the northern part of the country has a very nice craft center where I can buy beads and jewelry-making supplies. The angels in heaven always exhale when I visit this place.
They do, really. I hear them:)

My village:

There are little spots in my village that just amaze me with their beauty. This is one of them. I love walking past this road on the way to and from the bust stop.

I love this part of the village, too:

I like the row of aloe plants and the view of the mountain range far ahead.

If any of you come to visit me, we're going to stay here at Malealea Lodge:

It's a popular lodge that's a tiny slice of heaven located in a remote corner of Lesotho. I live about an hour from here. They have the nicest coffee shop and the best carrot cake. So come visit me so we can go here, OK?

 Where is your little slice of heaven? Where do you go to find peace?What places make you go gush?


  1. I love Charming Charlie...massive fashion jewelry for days. Love it! I also love the stationary section of any store, journals, notepads, etc. And I love the beach in the fall. It's sooo not crowded and serene. My main go to is my office at home. I close the door and spend the day editing my photography, listening to music or read a book. I do not get to do this often but when I do, it's heaven.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Inspired Canvas! Have you been to the stationery aisle at Marshall's? They have neat stuff there, and on clearance if you go on the right day. That's one of my fave places in America. The beach was too! Your office sounds like a sanctuary. We all need a place like that to visit every so often:)

    2. Yes, yes and yes! I also visit Ross and Tj Maxx on a regular. I am a junkie. I agree with needing a place to get away. My office is my space and anyone who disturbs me will feel my wrath. lol I do share the space with my daughter SOMETIMES. :)

    3. I miss TJ Maxx. Sometimes I wouldn't buy anything in there, I'd just roam the aisles getting design ideas. As a mom, I'm sure you need your "mom cave." Sounds like it's your office.