Friday, May 9, 2014

The Volunteer Report Form

   Every three months or so, Peace Corps Volunteers have to file what's called a Volunteer Report Form.
   In this report, we must detail things such as work we've done with our schools and organizations, challenges and successes we may have had, and list any issues we may be dealing with.
   This information goes to our bosses in Lesotho for feedback, and then ultimately, Congress. Taxpayers have every right to know exactly what we're doing with their money. Ya dig?
   Truth be told, though, the VRF is a volunteer's worst nightmare. We hate filling it out. It takes too long to complete and it's just a burden, like a chore you hate to do.
   But the bottom line is that the VRF stands for what the volunteer does.
   It also stands for other things, like these silly phrases I've decided to create:

-Volunteers foster rigor.
-Volunteers' resiliency: forever!
-Volunteers reflect fruitlessly.
-Volunteers rarely flop.
-Volunteers read frequently.
-Volunteers run forever.
-Volunteers' rides: feet.
-Volunteers reject fear.
-Volunteers' frugality: real.
-Volunteers reserve finances.
-Volunteers rescind foolery?
-Volunteers respond fancifully.
-Volunteers report fluff.
-Volunteers report frighteningly.
-Volunteers roam freely.

   OK, think I have to go now. I'm procrastinating from filling out my very own VRF.
   But I'm having to much fun here.
   VRF: rarely fun!


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