Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To toss or not to toss? That is the question.

How long do you keep your cosmetic items?

That's a simple question but must be examined because keeping products past their expiration dates can lead to nasty, yucky stuff like infections.
This article from Good Housekeeping breaks down the expirations.

Here's how long I keep my products:

-Mascara: 3 months. I'm scared of pink eye so I get rid of these babies after three months. I'll toss the small sample mascaras after a month of use.

-Lip gloss: I use lip gloss a lot and will finish a tube in about two to three months.

-Shadow: About one year. I usually make nail polish out of my shadows if I lose interest in them.

-Polish: 1-2 years. When I'm coming up on this time frame, I'll use my old polishes for craft projects.

-Eyeliner: I sharpen after every use. Every single use!

-Make-up brushes: I clean after every use. Again, every single use!

What about you? When do you get rid of your products?


  1. Gosh.. I am really bad about most of this stuff!

    I spot clean my brushes every day but only do a deep cleaning once a week.

    I keep mascaras until they run out (which is usually around 2 months) if I find that I switched it out for something else and it's been sitting for a while, I obviously wasn't crazy about it anyway and will toss it.

    I don't really use lip gloss but will keep my lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, and polishes FOREVER.. for as long as they last.

    I don't sharpen my pencils (esp the expensive ones) after every use.. only when they need to be sharpened.

    I still have polish from high school (15 yrs ago!) that is still in perfect, usable condition.

    I keep my eyeshadows pretty sanitary (I actually sterilize them about 4 times a year) so I will keep it til it runs out.. but shh, don't tell anyone.. these are my beauty confessions to you lol.

  2. Hey lady!

    OK...so you don't have to sharpen your pencils after every use? Do you ever wipe them off with alcohol and a tissue? Heard of people doing that. And how do you clean your eyeshadows? You need to do a post on the polishes you've had since high school! I'd be interested to see how they hold up!

  3. I keep a very fine mist spray bottle under my sink filled with the highest proof rubbing alcohol I can find at the store. After I use my eye pencils I usually spritz the tip, give it a few seconds to dry, then cap it and put it away. I sterilize my pressed eyeshadows by lightly spraying them with alcohol, letting it dry, then repeating once or twice more. I clean everything this way. The only thing it doesn't work for is loose pigments/powders because the germs can penetrate the entire product instead of just sitting on top like they would with a pressed shadow or lipstick.

    If I can remember where I stashed those polishes I'll do a post on them soon! I just gave a few to my sister but have two or three left to share on my blog.. please don't tell me these are now considered 'vintage' products.. I'm already feeling my age lol.

  4. Ooooo, I see. I might have to "borrow" your idea! Never thought about sanitizing my eye shadow and pencils with alcohol but now that you mention it...

    Let me know when you do that polish post! I have to see an 'old' nail polish bottle!!

    Have a great weekend!