Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Silver and gold? Sure, if Essie's involved!

Things that go together:

1. Me and nail polish.
2. Tom and Jerry.
3. Snooki and spray tans.
5. Kardashians and athletes.

I’ll add Essie’s Steel-ing the Scene and Loophole to that list.
These pretties were Christmas gifts from one of my co-workers. (Word is spreading around the newsroom that I love nail polish:).
I'd describe Steel-ing the Scene as a smokey gold and Loophole as a pretty silver.
Both look great on my hands! Check out the swatches:

Here's Steel-ing the Scene:

And Loophole:

And you know I had to funk things up a bit so here's Steel-ing the Scene with a coat of Wet n wild's Party of Five Glitters:

And here's Steel-ing the Scene with a coat of Essie's A Cut Above:

I have a soft spot in my heart for metallic polishes so I that's one of the reasons why these polishes are winning in my world.

What do you think? What’s on your tips and toes?

FTC Disclosure: These polishes were gifted to me.

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