Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY: Making sushi

Sushi is one of my fave foods so every now and then, I’ll indulge my gut with a spicy tuna roll or two.
Never thought about making it myself until I read this story in my local newspaper.
I mean, how hard could making sushi be, right?

The supplies I used included a sushi roller and sushi paper:

Here's the article I used:

I really like that headline. Creative.

And here's a nice sushi dish set that my mentor gave me for Christmas:

Isn't it pretty?

So, I followed most of the directions. First, I placed some rice on the sushi paper:

(Um, don't tell anyone but this is actually Basmati rice. I probably should've used the sticky, sushi rice for this dish but I always look for shortcuts.)

The next step was to add fillings, which were salmon and salmon:

And...tada! Here's my roll:

Doesn't she look good?

But wait! Here's the fail:

Look at this mess! This is not the business! This is all kinds of wrong! LOL.

My sushi didn't turn out so well but that doesn't mean it wasn't edible.
I used the rice as a bed for some black eye peas. Bam! How you like that Emeril!


  1. Good first attempt.. I was highly impressed by your roll ;) I'm sure that sushi rice and a VERY sharp knife will make a world of difference. Been wanting to try this at home for a while so I really enjoyed seeing your attempt!

  2. Lord, Jesus! That roll was a mess! I am going to try it again and will post when I do. You should post your attempt too.