Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Songs I've Been Loving (in no particular order)

Here's a list of songs I can't get enough of (in no particular order)

Al Green's "Simply Beautiful:"

Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock:"

Adele's "Rolling in the Deep:"

Natalie Stewart's "Come Over:"

Bobbi Humphrey's "Blacks and Blues:"

As you can see, I have eclectic tasted when it comes to music. What songs do you like? What music and artists do you love?


  1. I LOVE Al Greene and that song Woodstock is great (I actually have it on my phone this week to listen to on my commute). I'm kind of like you - all over the place when it comes to music. I love all genres! I recently went to a concert that had about 8 oldies acts (like Denise Williams, Barbara Lewis, Sly, Slick and Wicked, Delfonics etc.) that was so awesome. I love blues (Leadbelly, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday), punk rock, rap (90's and earlier), jazz, you name it. I grew up in the time of great hiphop, grunge and house music. My favorite band is probably Social Distortion or Bad Religion, love them and have seen them both live so many times. These are great songs you picked ;)

  2. Hey, thanks so much. I have a record collection with all kinds of artists that I listen to most days. I think that Al Green song will be on my wedding playlist. I'm 'ol school too. Love that old sound and the artists had so much passion back in the day (I sound like an old person!!) There will be more posts like this so stay tuned!