Sunday, May 1, 2011

My May No-Buy Polish Challenge

Happy May Day!

Most women buy shoes and bags and clothes with their hard-earned money.
I buy nail polish with mine.
I can spend anywhere from $25 to $50 a month on lacquer.
Can't help it though. I'm fascinated with the many colors, brands and finishes that nail polish offers.
Things will change this month though.
I'm challenging myself to not buy any bottles, unless I can get them for free which I have done in the past.
The reason for this challenge:

1. To save some money.

2. To use the polishes I already own.

My polish collection consists of 89 bottles. Take a look:

And when I've used most of the bottles, I use the rest of the polishes to do crafty projects, like decorating the boxes that hold my collection:

We'll see if I can keep my word and not buy any polish this month. Wish me luck!!!


  1. Thanks! They were so easy to make. I just dripped the polish over the boxes and let them dry overnight. You should try it. Makes for a nice gift box.