Friday, January 7, 2011

Beauty products I'm really liking right now

e.l.f. lip gloss: I got this baby on clearance at Target for barely a quarter and I like that you apply the sheer, pink gloss with a brush. It was slightly goopy but I liked its sugary taste. Sweet deal.

Burt's Bees fragrance: The company recently came out with four new solid fragrances. I am in love with only one, the "Beautiful" fragrance. It's a fusion of scents such as vanilla, jasmine, coconut oil, banana. It smells good, plus comes in this cute, reusable tin. I think these are a little bit better than the Pacifica solid perfumes. At ten dollars a pop, they're a couple of dollars cheaper.

eclipse spa: I'm a sucker for a good soap and this one was soooo nice. I got it from the Shecky's event in D.C. a few months ago and at about $12, it was worth the price tag. It smells like one of my fave scents, cinnamon, and works up a nice, sudsy lather.

Jaguar Luxury lip/eye liner pencils: I also got these pencils from Shecky's. I like them because they're formulated with Vitamin E, are waterproof and also are long-lasting. Three strikes, I'm in.

c. Booth body butter and shower gel: OK, this has got to be one of my new fave natural body care brands. I picked up a couple of these products during a recent Ulta shopping trip. They were all under $10. The shower gel was thick and smelled good. I love how the scent lingered on way after I cleansed my body with it. And the body butter was a jar of buttery goodness. The price is right and so is the product. I'm in love.

The Body Shop body butter: I got this body butter on clearance for $4 from T.J. Maxx and love how this butter is formulated. It's not thick like traditional body butters. It has the texture of lotion, but heavily moisturized my skin. That surprised me, in a good way.

**These products were not sent to me for review by companies. I paid for them with my own funds.
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